Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Heat and Bright Colors

Just recently bought both the dress and sweater from H&M! The sweater was on sale for only $15 and the dress was a mere $17! Such great finds for the summer. I need more bright colors in my wardrobe, since when I moved to New York somehow everything I wore became black or strange haha. Even though it is quite hot to be wearing a sweater, the crochet design on this one allows for some air and isn't uncomfortable to wear in the scorching hot weather we've been having.

Other than that, I leave for Korea in almost exactly a week! I am beyond excited! I have been listening to k-pop on repeat all month, watching the Korean variety show "We Got Married", as well as watching the amazing drama A Love to Kill, staring Rain. <3 Needless to say, I think I am prepared to be in Seoul! I have also been brushing up on the little Korean I know, but I have many Korean friends to help me get around, and I'll definitely need their help...haha. I have been trying to hold off on buying anything since I know that Korea has great, cheap clothes! Last time I was there I was overwhelmed by all the little shops and adorable clothes! Let's hope that I don't go broke... Well, until next time!


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