Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let the wind take me away

lace tunic- Forever 21
black skirt- H&M
belt- mom's closet
necklace- Forever 21

I just bought this lovely lace tunic from Forever 21! It is so lovely and I can see myself incorporating it into outfits in a number of different ways, and this is the first look I put together with it. =) The necklace is quite old (and rusting =(..) but I absolutely love it, even if it no longer can tell the time correctly. I stole the belt from my mom's wardrobe a few years back and wear it all the time haha. It was quite windy outside, making taking photos a bit difficult, but also fun. I love windy days here in my hometown! As for windy days in the city, however, I cannot stand them! I can never see where I am going since my hair always gets in the way...I have a love hate relationship with the wind haha. Well that is all for today!


  1. I really like your style! Keep up the great work!