Sunday, March 13, 2011

A look into the mind of my favorite stylist. Ever.

Alex White is one of the single most talented stylists in the fashion industry as it stands today. And also my favorite. Just pick up any issue of W and you'll immediately see why. How one mind can come up with such brilliant concepts is beyond me, but lucky for me (and the entire world), W has launched a wonderful new blog dedicated entirely to the amazing stylist herself!

If you go to W's website, on the right hand side, in Alex White's signature pink (or so I am told), a link entitled "Alex White Edits" lives directly under "Fashion", appropriately so. Click and take a gander. Your eyes will be in heaven. Exactly what are you seeing? A very, very rare glimpse into the mind of a top stylist. Through her blog, which she has promised to update more than once a week, Alex White will post pictures from photo shoots and various other things. Already her posts are filled with absolutely lovely pictures, including behind the scenes shots from the "Against Nature" editorial that appears in this months W. If you have ever thought of becoming a stylist, I think it's safe to say that this blog can be an enormous aid into seeing what stylists really do, and what inspires them to create the art they do. I've already bookmarked the blog and have been reading regularly. I mean, it's Alex White! What more could you ask for? Plus, her hand writing is adorable and one of a kind. Did you know that's actually her hand writing in the title of the blog? It's the little things.

Anyway, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Here are some from recent posts, along with behind the scenes pictures from the Against Nature shoot our lucky eyes get to see! Enjoy!

All images from Alex White Edits at W


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