Thursday, February 10, 2011



 Free People offices

 original Urban Outfitters sign

Though next to no one reads this blog, I feel terrible for my lack of updates. So that changes. Now. Well hopefully.... hehe. My life has been crazy busy between ridiculous classes, interning, and trying to fit some semblance of a social life into my schedule. 

Speaking of interning, I will also be interning for Urban Outfitters headquarters this summer in my home city of Philadelphia. <3 Above are pictures of the amazing amazing amazing, (did I mention amazing?) offices. They are based out of the old Philly Navy Yard, so combining some serious historical buildings (I'm talking as old as 1790) with URBN's design genius makes these offices one of the coolest places I've ever had the chance to dream of working at. Not to mention you can bring your dog to work. Now i just have to work on my parents letting me get one....

This summer I will be a styling intern, and basically work with the clothes and the online store photo shoots. I am so excited to get to experience the side of the fashion world opposite to what I currently do at W. I guess only experience will tell me where I really belong! (That thought is a bit scary....)

That's it for now my lovely ghost readers.

- - - Katherine

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